Dr. Paula Johnson, Principal
Responsibilities: Administrative Team, AVID, Bookkeeper, English, English PLC, Field Trips, Instructional Leadership Team, Literacy Coaches, Newsletter, Office Manager, Opening/Closing of School, PCI, Principal's Advisory Committee, PTA, Reading Specialists, SAC, School Planning Council, SIS, Staff Development, Staffing, Support Team

Ms. Paige Scherr, Assistant Principal (Discipline 8)
Responsibilities: Art, Attendance, Computer Skills, Data Tech, Drop Out Task Force, Electives PLC, Grade Level Meetings 8, Guidance, Handbook, ITS, LMA, LMS, Master Schedule, Music, Practicum/Student Teachers, Special Education, Special Education PLC, Special Education/504, SRT Co-Chair, Teacher Assistants, TOCLI, TST

Mr. Joel Guldenschuh, Dean of Students (Discipline 7)
Responsibilities: Building, Custodians, Disciplinary Program, Duty Schedule, Grade Level Meetings 7, Heath/PE, HPE PLC, ISS, Keys and Lockers, Master Bell Schedule, Safe Schools, Science, Science PLC, Security, Textbooks, VTSS/MTSS/PBIS

Mr. Steven Oberlander, Administrative Assistant (Discipline 8)

Responsibilities: Bus Drivers, Cafeteria, Clinic, ESL Contact, Grade Level Meetings 8, Social Studies 7, Social Studies 7 PLC, Social Studies 8, Social Studies 8 PLC, SRT Co-Chair, Tech Ed, Teen Living, Transportation, United Way, World Languages, World Languages PLC, Substitutes, JS2S (Military Connection Program)

Ms. Akilah Ellison, Administrative Assistant (Discipline 7)
Responsibilities: Federal Cards, Gifted Resource Teacher, Grade Level Meetings 7, I Make a Difference, Math, Math Coaches, Math PLC, PCI, Professional Learning Coordinator, SCA/NJHS, School Planning Council, Substitutes, Testing

Ms. Erin Vickrey, School Improvement Specialist
Responsibilities: Test Coordinator, Tutoring Activities, Assist with the School Improvement Plan, Assist with Development of Professional Development Activities

Mr. Andrew Wynn, Student Activities Coordinator

Responsibilities: Development of Students Activities, Supervision of Athletic Events, Publicity for School Events, Orientation for Coaches, Student Elections