Dr. Paula Johnson, Principal
Responsibilities: Administrative Team, AVID, Bookkeeper, English, English PLC, Field Trips, Instructional Leadership Team, Literacy Coaches, Newsletter, Office Manager, Opening/Closing of School, PCI, Principal's Advisory Committee, PTA, Reading Specialists, SAC, School Planning Council, Staffing, Support Team, Title 1 Administrator, Staff Recognition, Student Recognition, SCA/NJHS

Ms. Paige Scherr, Assistant Principal (Discipline 8)
Responsibilities: Attendance, AVID, Drop Out Task Force, Grade Level Meetings 8, Guidance, Handbook, ITS, LMA, LMS, Music, Practicum/Student Teachers, PTA, Special Education, Special Education PLC, Special Education/504, SRT, Teacher Assistants, TOCLI, TST, Art, Gifted Resource Teacher, Social Studies, Social Studies PLC

Mr. Joel Guldenschuh, Dean of Students (Discipline 7)
Responsibilities: Anchored4Life, AVID, Building and Grounds, Custodians, Duty Schedule, Grade Level Meetings 7, Heath/PE, HPE PLC, ISS, Keys and Lockers, Master Bell Schedule, PBIS Administrator, Safe Schools, Science, Science PLC, Security, Textbooks, Tech Ed, Teen Living

Ms. Sara Mendez, Administrative Assistant (Discipline 8)

Responsibilities: Anchored4Life, Breakfast Literacy Club, Bus Drivers, Cafeteria, Clinic, ESL Contact, Federal Cards, Grade Level Meetings 8, Math, Math Coaches, Math PLC, PCI, SIS, SPC, Substitutes, Testing, Transportation, Advisory, Computer Skills, Professional Learning Coordinator, United Way, World Languages, World Languages PLC, Substitutes (Aesop)

Mr. John Carasella, Acting Administrator (Discipline 7)
Responsibilities: Advisory, Art, Breakfast Literacy Club, Computer Skills, Elective PLC, Gifted Resource Teacher, Grade Level Meetings 7, PBIS Leadership Team, Professional Learning Coordinator, SCA/NJHS, Social Studies PLC, Staff Recognition, Student Recognition, Substitutes, Tech Ed, Teen Living, United Way, World Languages, World Languages PLC

Ms. Erin Vickrey, School Improvement Specialist
Responsibilities: Test Coordinator, Tutoring Activities, Assist with the School Improvement Plan, Assist with Development of Professional Development Activities, PBIS Leadership Team Member, PLC Guideline Manager

Mr. Andrew Wynn, Student Activities Coordinator

Responsibilities: Development of Students Activities, Supervision of Athletic Events, Publicity for School Events, Orientation for Coaches, Student Elections