Our Staff

Office Staff

Ms. Comeau  Office Manager
Ms. Carpineti  Bookkeeper
Ms. Boone  Attendance Secretary
Ms. Stewart  Discipline Secretary 
Ms. Sampson  Data Tech
Mr. McDaniel  Technology Support Technician


Ms. Hardison  Nurse
Ms. Whitley  Nurse Assistant


Ms. Hunter  Guidance Chair (Special Interest)
Ms. Natoli  7th Grade Counselor
Ms. Brazier  8th Grade Counselor 
Ms. Goodman Guidance Secretary
Ms. Bradley  Communities in Schools Partner 

Student Activities

Mr. Wynn  Student Activities Coordinator


Ms. Taylor  Cafeteria Manager


The College of William & Mary (Grade 7)

Ms. Jordan  Math
Mr. Plank  Math
Ms. Crew  Math
Ms. Furrer  English
Ms. Raub  English
Ms. Miller  Science
Mr. Chapman  Social Studies

Old Dominion University (Grade 7)

Ms. Jordan  Math
Mr. Plank  Math
Ms. Crew  Math
Ms. Criscitiello English
Ms. Raub  English
Ms. Vrechek Science
Ms. Price  Social Studies

Norfolk State University (Grade 7)

Ms. Bryant Math
Ms. Chester English
Ms. Daniels Science
Ms. Sheffield  Social Studies
MsGordon  Math
Ms. Bantolino  English

James Madison University (Grade 7)

Mr. Barrett Math
Mr. Griffon English
Ms. Bowen Science
MsJones  Social Studies
MsGordon  Math
Ms. Lynn  English

Virginia State University (Grade 8)

Ms. Yaple Math
Ms. Holmes  English
Mr. Cornelison Science
Mr. Lammay  Social Studies

Virginia Tech (Grade 8)

Ms. Halloran Math
Ms. Fessel  English
Mr. Simmons Science
Ms. Bullard  Social Studies

Virginia Commonwealth University (Grade 8)

Mr. Kiernan Math
Ms. Graven English
Mr. Parks Science
Ms. Welker  Social Studies
Ms. Forbes English
Ms. Evans English, Math
Ms. Caldwell Math

Virginia Military Institute (Grade 8)

Ms. Scott Math
Ms. Walker  English Ms. Kirkman English
Ms. Ball Science
Ms. Foster  Social Studies

Elective Teachers

Ms. Parker Health/PE
Mr. Oddo  Health/PE
Mr. Hollingsworth Health/PE
Ms. Warrick Health/PE Ms. Sigafoos Health/PE
Mr. Semmel  Health/PE Ms. Jackson Health/PE
Ms. Ball  Health/PE
Ms. Paradiso Art
Mr. Eisenbraun Tech Ed Ms. Norman Teen Living
Ms. Smith  Read 180 Ms. Eubanks  Read 180 Ms. Mosley  Read 180
Ms. Hamlin Spanish
Ms. Fernandez Spanish Ms. Gale Japanese Mr. Swift Computer Solutions, Keyboarding Ms. Barron Keyboarding Ms. Morris  AVID, Financial Skills
Ms. Hyman-Studivant Life Skills Ms. Johnson Chorus/Orchestra

Specialists/Instructional Coaches

Ms. Vickrey School Improvement Specialist 757.648.4412 Ms. Gross  School Compliance Specialist 757.648.4400, ext 60446
Ms. Knapp Instructional Technology Specialist 757.648.4418
Ms. Schneider Gifted Resource Teacher 757.648.4400, ext 60456 Ms. Beebe Reading Specialist 757.648.4443
Ms. Morris  Title 1 Resource - Literacy 757.648.4443
Ms. Mosley Literacy Teacher 757.648.4443
Dr. Wilcher Literacy Teacher 757.648.4443 Mr. Hodapp Title 1 Resource - Math 757.648.4403 Ms. Beck Math Specialist 757.648.4403
Ms. Sicinski Library Media Specialist 757.648.4419